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Vortex Immersion

28 April 2023

The Journey Kickstarter Campaign

The Journey is an award-winning 11-minute experimental short film for digital domes produced in 2021 by Vortex Immersion featuring music by Michael and Jahna and animation by Brianna Amore. The immersive experience melds beautiful and transformational music, with colorful and awe-inspiring visual art to designed to entertain, relax, inspire and enchant. The film is a metaphor for life’s journey from formlessness into form then back into formlessness.

The Journey screened at six fulldome film festivals worldwide including FulldomeUK in the United Kingdom; Fulldome Festival in Jena, Germany; Dome Under in Melbourne, Australia; Byron Bay International Film Festival in Australia; SAT Fest in Montreal; IMERSA in Montreal; and Dome Fest West in Los Angeles where it won their Audience Choice Award.

Because of this success, Vortex launched a Kickstarter Campaign to raise seed capital to produce a feature-length version of the film. The Kickstarter campaign successfully ended on April 28, 2023 and raised $41,722 from 62 backers.

Many thanks to the backers who donated and average of $672 to make this production possible!

Vortex is seeking additional production partners to create a 45-minute version of The Journey. Please contact us for additional information.