Frequently Questions and Answers at Vortex Immersion

Digital domes are 360-degree projection-mapped or LED spherical or hemispherical immersive environments that visually simulate being in another world, real or virtual. They are scalable from small personal domes to large group environments accommodating thousands of participants. Digital domes are also referred to as XR Domes, Fulldomes, Digital Planetariums or Giant Screen Domes.

Digital domes are the most powerful media delivery systems on the planet. Wrapping imagery around participant’s heads creates an enhanced “sense of presence” in an immersive environment. Participants feel as if they have been teleported to another reality, allowing storytellers and artists to evoke emotions not easily accessible to film or TV media such as awe, wonder, mindfulness states or deep states of contemplation. Digital domes deliver experiences, not just stories.

Immersive art galleries have gained popularity in recent years, starting with Immersive Van Gogh at the Atelier des Lumières in Paris, France. These are typically rectilinear “walk-through” environments that do not attempt to replace physical reality with a virtual environment. Rather they are art galleries

Vortex Domes are standardized dome theaters available as temporary mobile “pop-up” domes, semi-permanent pre-fabricated structures, or permanent brick-and-mortar structures. They conform to the Dome Master standard and can accept 4k x 4k resolution movie files or real-time feeds from a laptop or server for live performances. Standard variations include a multipurpose dome with a level floor and removable seats, tilted CinemaDome for sit-down immersive journeys or CineTheaters for live performances within the immersive environments.

DomePlexes are out-of-home entertainment complexes with 2 or more dome theaters, each designed for a specific purpose including stand-up, sit-down or walk-through immersive experiences.

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