8 Principles of the Technoshaman

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Technoshaman: From Worldbuilding to Mindbuilding: Part 3 by Ed Lantz is originally published on Mindplex.ai.
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Eight Principles of the Technoshaman
  • Uses Advanced Technology

    The technoshaman uses advanced digital technologies to craft experiences that are positive, lifeaffirming, healing, or awakening, and that support or accelerate the natural evolution of human consciousness.

  • Awakens Minds

    The technoshaman awakens minds. Rather than propagating memes, philosophies, ideologies, propaganda, brand messaging and other forms of mind control, the technoshaman seeks to evoke mental states that empower, embrace ambiguity and diversity, awaken latent faculties, transcend dualistic thinking, slow the internal dialog, or leave room for deep contemplation.

  • Opens Hearts

    The technoshaman opens hearts. Rather than gratuitously evoking emotions such as fear, shock, horror, or loss, the technoshaman focuses on positive emotions including love, empathy, sense of connection, awe, or joy. Storytelling is used as a path towards empowerment, mood elevation, epiphany, communal unification, or liberation of the human spirit, not simply to manipulate emotions or behaviors.

  • Embodies Consciousness

    The technoshaman embodies the states of consciousness that they seek to evoke in others. The experiences they create are authentic and not contrived solely for influence or personal gain.

  • Engages in the Multisensory

    The technoshaman’s creative medium is the nervous systems of their audience, most powerfully accessed through multisensory immersive media. As such, technoshamans are attuned to and respect the nervous systems of their participants.

  • Transmits States

    Technology is simply a medium for transmitting states of consciousness and is never an end in itself.

  • Promotes Evolution

    The technoshaman promotes evolutionary communities by evoking a sense of unity, coherence, harmony, and connection.

  • Transforms

    The technoshaman seeks not just to entertain, but to transform.

Picture of Ed Lantz
Ed Lantz

Ed Lantz is an engineer, entrepreneur and immersive experience designer. He pioneered digital domes in the mid-90s, designing more than a dozen digital dome theaters worldwide, including the Library of Alexandria’s Planetarium in Egypt and Domodigital at Papalote Museo del Niño in Mexico City. Ed sees modern digital domes as “digital temples of transformation” for their ability to host compelling, immersive journeys, performances and experiences with positive impact. He is the founder and CEO of Vortex Immersion Media and is the executive producer of James Hood’s Mesmerica and The Journey. He also serves as a Board Delegate on the Producers Guild of America’s New Media Council and has chaired the boards of non-profit arts organizations, including Create Now and c3: Center for Conscious Creativity;and is Chair Emeritus of LA
ACM SIGGRAPH. He is co-founder of IMERSA, a trade association focused on immersive media for entertainment, research, science, and arts. Ed holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering.

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